Restaurant Review | Thai Time Bistro

This week, Emmy and I decided to reward ourselves with a trip to get Thai food, and I decided to document our experience to share this week! We went to a little spot in Ocean Beach called “Thai Time” that neither of us had been to before. The restaurant itself wasn’t overwhelmingly beautiful, but overall we were very happy with our experience. Can you tell from this picture?

Emmy examining the menu.
Emmy examining the menu.

We were lucky enough to catch their lunch specials, so we decided to get two entrees and split them. She ordered the red curry, and I ordered the spicy noodles.

red curry

I’m no connoisseur of curry, but our dish was tangy, sweet, salty, and creamy just like I wanted. The amount of japanese eggplant, and bamboo shoots was slightly overwhelming for my taste, but the flavor was delicious. We ordered the brown rice, and chicken as our protein, so the dish was very filling.

The spicy noodle dish was quite tasty as well. We both decided that a dish with “spicy” in the name might be expected to hold more of a kick. The fresh, bright basil and rich sauce were well balanced, and just what we were hoping for.

Spicy Noodles


When all was said and done, we decided that this wasn’t our favorite Thai spot, but for the value, location, convenience, and service, I could definitely see us returning.

What’s your favorite Thai restaurant? I would love a good suggestion!

Happy eating!


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