Morning Coffee

This may be one of the most simple posts ever, but it is near & dear to my heart. I follow this recipe almost every morning as a beloved part of my routine. My roommate thinks I have problems, and if I’m gonna be honest, I do. I have a full-on addiction to coffee.

On a side-note, one time I was at Peet’s coffee, and this Australian guy told me I should put cinnamon and nutmeg in my coffee. He had a super cool accent, so obviously I tried it. (It made sense in my mind at the time). Anyways, now I do that almost every day! So here is the procedure I follow…

I have a french press, so this process is pretty simple for me, but with a traditional coffee maker it might be a little more involved.


  • 8 tbs coarsely ground coffee
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. ground


Okay I’m going to be lame, and direct you away from the blog. These directions from Stumptown Coffee Roasters for a french press are thorough and clear, and they have done a way better job of explaining it than I could. The only adjustment you need to make is to add in the spices during the brewing process. This tiny step adds a layer of flavor that doesn’t overpower the coffee, but adds an element of warmth and coziness that is hard to beat. I would highly recommend trying this or any other combination of spices that you enjoy!

Ron Swanson loves a good cup of French Press
Ron Swanson loves a good cup of French Press

A big mug of this on a cold morning, with a good book and a fire in the fireplace is my idea of heaven. Please try this the next time you get a chance!

Happy sipping!


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